Have you ever been followed by a book?

No really… I can imagine it’s an odd question. The stalking starting in Le Marais, in Paris. While browsing a bookshop, I happened upon the novel Shantaram. Lovely cover, sweet presentation… Upon reading what it’s about, even more intriguing and dynamic. I place it back on the shelf, trying not to buy upon impulse. I don’t know why, it seems to be how I roll when it comes to books. Still the book made an impression. Later, I tried to remember the title, I couldn’t. I tried to remember the author, no luck.

Browsing in FNAC in Barcelona, I spot it again. Sweet. I still don’t get it. And I don’t forget it. The idea of it stays with me. A man, held and tortured in an overseas prison, finds forgiveness for those who hurt him. Stories of his journey, and the splendid, wise understandings that ensue…

Saw it in a bookstore the other day. I’ve a serious collection of books on queue to be read beside my bed. I walk away. Today it’s raining in such a way here in New York City, it’s something to write home about. I find a café, one of my favorites, and sitting down with my much looked forward to cup of Jane, there on the bookshelf (leave a book, borrow a book, as you wish) is the novel again. I don’t even have to purchase it. It’s for free, to be borrowed. I read the first few pages. It’s off to a fine start. It’s raining cats and dogs out. I don’t want to carry it in the rain. Silly how I keep passing by this calling, but have mercy, don’t give up on me. I’m coming back to see what’s in that book that wants to reveal itself to me, that wants to share something with me.


Photo by Reto Togni Pogliorini

Is there a calling you keep passing by? We can be silly, don’t leave me hanging, do tell Sweet You…


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