Bright Ideas

It’s after 2pm this Friday afternoon, and I am just having a moment to have my ‘morning tea.’ It feels nice, and warming this sunny chilly January afternoon. I did have the pleasure of stealing some moments to talk with my dear friend Peter. And right after, as it put me in such a nice mood, I thought I would finally enjoy my morning tea, listen to Belle and Sebastian (remember them?) and write here a little bit. My friend wants to return to school. He was trying to think a few ways he could figure out how to do that, and too, in connection to his studies write a few novels.

I told him that I’m not sure how it works, and has he heard of KickStarter? This website where people go and share their ideas, dreams and aspirations, and try to see how they can get others to connect with them and lend financial support. When I first heard of it, I thought who would do that… lend a helping hand in helping others in their dream endeavors? It turns out that there are lots and lots of sympathetic and unselfish souls out there lending their resources toward doings they deem worthy, interesting, needed… It’s a sweet thing, and even though I am not a cynical person, the wee bit of cynicism I do have, has been lessened by such generosity.

Maybe you have a bright idea that could use a bit of help financially. I even think the requirements of joining up are great for helping one to organize her thoughts and get more structure, as one has to be clear and organized in relaying what it is that she hopes to do. Check it out and let me know what you think. The site again is called Kick Starter. Maybe you’ve heard of it?


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