… On Writing

I’ve a million things that I am interested in… I imagine you too, dear Reader, might have the same embarrassment of riches. I so often am tempted to be Jane of all trades, and mistress of none…  but I think I will try and focus today on a short story I am writing. Focus is key, I am learning. If I do as I really want to do, dabble in many and varied of my interest, not much gets completed as I would hope. So today, right now, as soon as I finish writing this post, I will go and work on my short story…

Have you, fine Reader, have strategies for  focus and commitment and discipline when it comes to getting something done? Share it with us, as I know it will be super helpful 🙂

I have a number of new followers, which I admit, I feel warmed by your presence… and I thank you!! I plan to find my way to your blog for a sweet introduction and hello… first that short story. See you soon! & thank you so much! I am new here at WordPress with my blog… and you have given me the sweetest welcome with your presence! Merci Beaucoup!


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