First Loves

I received a message today from my high school sweetheart, and a surprise thought crossed my mind. I was reminded of that teenage, first time, in love feeling. In high school we broke up. It came as a surprise to me and all of a sudden. I didn’t know why we couldn’t be together and I asked why. He gave me an answer something like ‘because.’ Which can feel like ‘whatever,’ to a teenage girl.

I found out many years later from him that we broke up because I wasn’t open to making love. I wanted to wait. Not because of some virgin purity kind of thing. Just because fifteen for me, seemed so young to embark on such an adventure. Not for all, but for me. I wanted to wait and he couldn’t wait, so he moved on.

I’ve no regrets. I had other, more important things on my mind, like books and enjoying fleeting moments of girlhood…

We are still in touch after many years of not knowing where in the world the other one was. Our lives and our paths have gone in very different directions… but a kind of care remains. Sweet. I’m grateful.

Valentines day is coming. Just in time. And remember, love appears in a myriad of manners… enjoy!

this thought is inspired by the above photo by Amanda Grace ~ titled you think you were my first love, but you are wrong


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