It slipped my mind

Donna Tartt is a writer. I came across an interview with her, about her new novel Goldfinch. I’ve never heard of her nor her work. Apparently she’s marvelous, and her work is amazing, and… that the painting that her new novel is centered around, almost never travels, but it seems it is on view for an exhibition here in nyc at the Frick. I don’t go to the Frick enough. It’s beautiful. I can see the painting? I can read Donna Tartt’s book? Christmas came, and New Year’s too, and I forgot all about it. It slipped my mind, I’m embarrassed to say. The exhibition has closed. I’ve a million things on my to read list. I saw Tartt in an interview the other night on Charlie Rose. She’s stunning, it seems, inside and out. I have to make the time to become a friend of her work…

Here’s an review of her new novel here, in case you want to take a peek…

Photo: The Goldfinch leaves the Frick...


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