Winter Wonderlands


I was talking to a lady reading the book The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. She didn’t know that there were 3 Swedish films of the novels. The American remake at first was disappointing after seeing the Swedish trilogy, as it seemed to gloss over the story in a shortened amount of time. Visually it was stunning. I’ve gotten over the disappointment of the film and now I like looking at it as the cinematography is beautiful.

I adore Scandinavia. I love the quiet of it. If you go there, or if you’ve been there, you know what I mean. The nature too, the space, and the order of it all speaks to what moves me. For some reason I was thinking this morning of my time in Sweden, waking up there in the mornings, having tea and breakfast with my dear friend. Planning our days, before moving out into the chilly days. Usually our plans entailed finding a cosy café to have more tea and sweets…

Those mornings, while making my bed, I danced. I found myself filled with the coolest happiness. Not sure what got me to thinking about this today, so… Thank you for your presence here!


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