Happy Spring

I was thinking of writing a friend whom I haven’t been in touch with for a long time. I haven’t been in touch with her because she is quite mean. She is also what comes to mind when I think of toxic people. After many years, I often get to thinking to just leave the friendship. There are many things that I like about her. She is incredibly smart, and funny. I like her taste in fashion and her perspective on many of the things we talk about. But she is also incredibly mean and rude. For many years I have spent much time focusing on her assets, but it seems as I get older, I learn, or I think that it’s no fun being in the midst of her angry rude behavior… so, I haven’t been.

I miss her sometimes. I thought just now to reach out and connect with her. But then I thought to write here, which very much feels like connecting with a friend when I write here. Thank you for your kind presence.

I am having a glass of wine, some candles are lit… and it just came to mind that Spring begins tomorrow. I hope you are well. I wish you a sweet evening, a good morning, depending on when you read this. & I wish you love and beauty… sweet things in life!


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