holy days

why is it that here in the states, today’s holy day is called good friday? do you know? I’ve been wondering why. I learned today that in finland it is called the ‘long friday.’ a good one. I would imagine it was an incredibly long and painful day. actually, or metaphorically.

we’ve all had our own long fridays, or at least what feels like one. if one thinks of these things. if one believes in these things. not everyone does, I get that.

there’s  the idea that the Christian holidays are tied to, connected with, come out of pagan traditions. springtime is very much connected to the return of light, as well as the return of Jesus.

it feels like forever since I’ve written here. I was away for a bit, and now, my heart remains overseas. but I am trying to return to writing, and working on stories, and returning here… I hope your day today is… lovely!

& may your days that are long, be filled with joy and pleasure. if we dream it, it will come… or something like that, the saying goes.

hugs and happy springtime and happy easter dear readers!


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