life inspirations


Sometimes… well quite often, i like to think about things before I say them, or even write them down. Just in general, I have wondered throughout life, why are we here, and what’s it all about? And even, how do we have a meaningful life? I haven’t dwelled on these questions, but I wonder from time to time. I read things, and listen to intellectuals on the matter. It came to me this morning while I was brushing my teeth. Perhaps it is a series of ideas that came together at once…

I think we are here to have a human experience… Deep right:)? Having a human experience and all that it entails is quite wonder-full and maybe sufficient in and of itself, without it needing to be more. It can even be exhausting at time. And too, elating.

Yesterday I saw a beautiful exhibit on the artist Chihuly. (I always wonder how to pronounce his name.) It was quite magnificent! I think of the work that must go into such beautiful art, and all the persons involved in making it so. And I wonder what must it be like to live in such a way, working and playing, creating in such an exquisite manner… What an experience. As we all have our own experiences; long suffering days, and stunningly joyful ones too! I wonder if that’s what it’s all about… the human experience. If there is a God or Gods, I can’t imagine She/They care much about our career goals and mortgages and life’s material gains… but for us to be well, and do this life experience and all that it entails, on our individual and collective journeys, simply to have this privilege, makes a little more sense. Just some thoughts…


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