to tell the truth…

Well, at least it was a Sunday. I attended a birthday celebration of an acquaintance in a bar in the West Village. Surprisingly it went really nicely. I only say surprisingly because the bunch invited tend to not be the kindest people, but this day everyone was in a festive mood and on their best behavior. I had a really good conversation with someone that I only know a little bit. It has been almost a year since we last saw one another so we spent the time catching up.

She is probably the only one out of the group that is a good person. I know it’s not nice for me to not think so highly of the others, but, it is how I feel if I am telling the truth. The few times we’ve met we have good conversations and this time was no different. We stole away from the crowd, trading stories of our lives since we’ve last met. Beer and wine was involved so the drunk tongue speaks the sober truth. It was like a kind of confessional there in the bar last Sunday night, as we confessed to our adventures and hopes and fears and future plans… It was like going to church on Sunday morning… but even better as there was no hypocrisy, just truth and storytelling…


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