While we wait… Be inspired

Let’s see… I am waiting for a copy of a sermon that I heard in church this past Sunday. It took me by surprise in its inspiration and comfort. The speaker spoke on the idea of… What do we do when what we want is taking so long? How do we comfort ourselves and, how do we inspire ourselves and keep going when what is desired is taking so long?

These words caught me at a good time. Just in time, as I was wondering if there is any use, and hope in wanting and waiting, when so much time has passed. Perhaps I should give up, I thought. The wisdom shared helps me to not let go… but to keep what I want and need in heart and mind and action…

When I shared this idea with a friend, she looked at me wide eyed. Yes, what do we do, she asked. What was the answer she wondered. She caught me off guard. I did not know the answer. I was so fired up about coming into awareness of the idea of keeping ourselves inspired for the long haul, until goal reached, until dream come true… yes, what is it that we do to keep ourselves inspired?

I said to her, um, I don’t know. I guess that is the question we must get to ourselves.

I have been talking with friends. Reading. Writing. Dreaming up new plans… Unconsciously these are some of the ways to keep my lamp burning in what seems like a dark and aimless way. I cleaned one of my closets this morning. I am revisiting the book that speaks to so much of the writing I want to do, and to write, and to write like that too. I am thinking of people who I love. In these thoughts and connection with them, I am comforted and inspired, and less lost. I have made a list of some concrete actions that I can take…

And you? What are your thoughts to keep yourself inspired until what you long for comes into fruition? I wish you love and hope and inspiration… and me too.


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